Magnetic Application
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  1. Magnet Parts for ZWX and Magnetic coupling
  2. Magnetic Filter
  3. Encoder Magnetic Ring
  4. Magnet Gear
  5. Holding Magnet
  6. Magnet Lifter
  7. Magnetic Rotor
  8. Magnetic Knife Holder
  9. Water Treatment

1. Magnet Parts for ZWX and Magnetic coupling

Magnetic coupling
?/span> (778KB)

Magnetic coupling is a new kind of coupling,which connects motor and machine by permanent magnetic force.They work in the sealless magnetic drive pumps,which transporting volatile,flammable,explosive and toxic solutions with no leakage.

The appearance of Magnetic coupling solved thoroughly the leak problems existed in dynamic sealing of certain mechanical devices.Magneic coupling are widely used in various industries and fields,such as chemical,papermaking,foodstuff, pharmacy,and so on.

Magnetic coulpling is consist of external rotor,internal rotor and isolating cover.

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2. Magnetic Filter

The magnetic filter is made from permanent magnets, stainless steel tubes and metal frames and is used to remove ferrous parts and tramp iron in the field of medicines, textiles, foods, grains, plastics etc. The magnets in the tubes can be strong Neodymium magnets, Alnico magnets and ferrite magnets etc and we usually produce these products according to our customer's special request.


*Magnetic Filter  ?/span>Download?/span> (3.64MB)

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3. Encoder magnetic ring

IC-Haus Encoder magnetic ring (32bit 31bit 64bit 63bit 128bit 126bit  Extremely wide 0.92 1.08 1.35  1.50 1.28 2.00

*Encoder Magnetic Ring  ?/span>Download?/span> (9.9MB)

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4. Holding Magnet

A magnetic gear is composed of magnets of the type permanent, electromagnetic or otherwise magnetically induced fields. It consists of two or more elements that are usually rotating but can be linear or curve linear in nature.

All cogs of each gear component of magnetic gears act as a magnet with periodic alternation of opposite magnetic poles on mating surfaces. Gear components are mounted with a "cushioned" backlash capability similar to other mechanical gearings with no cushioning effect. Although they can exert as much force as a traditional gear, such gears work without touching and so are immune to wear of mating surfaces, have very low noise and can slip without damage, making them very reliable.

Our products range from large machines to vacuum machines, electronic products and chemistry. Medicine, food and other fields are widely used.

*Magnet Gear?/span>Download?/span> (1.86MB)

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5. Holding Magnet

It was made of Ndfeb magnet or Ferrite, in application with magnetic whiteboard or magetic call-board, also can used on refrigeratory. It can be made from different material, with different style and strength following customer’s request.

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Type E


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6. Magnet Lifter


Principles: Magnet Lifter has strong magnetic path produce by Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials. On and Off of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle The magnetic lifters have magnet as power, and its lifting power will never weaken.

Application: In loading and unloading, the lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others onto magnetic materials for linkage of connection. It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading, and moving. The magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation.
Features: Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic Attraction power and safe in handling.


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7. Magnetic Rotor

It is made of NdFeB Magnet or Ferrite by injection, small vol.,low noice, high efficiency,widely used in CD-ROM, autocar, water pump, motor-driven of motorcycle

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8. Magnetic Knife Holder

There are bamboo,wood,stone,stainless steel,alumium,plastic etc raw materials ,which assembly with the strong magnet,finally they become magneticknife holder. It safetly hold all kind of knives and metal tools,very practical and pamanent magnetic and fasion beauty.


*Magnetic Knife Holder
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9. Water Treatment

  1. The theory and the assemblying
  2. The function of the magnetic water
  3. The test process and conclusion
  4. Test report
  5. Instruction, price list and packing photo

9-1. The theory and the assemblying

                      Home Application                               In Application Of Industry

It is well-known that scale deposit is the problem in industrial production and daily life. Which not only corrode industrial system, reduce production-efficiency and pollute water but also impact production and life safety.

At present, Descaling system sells in the market well-known as people are Electronic ultrasonic processor, Permanent magnet (outer magnetic) processor, and Permanent magnet (with magnetic) processor. For the advantages and disadvantages, please see followed sheet:

Processor Name


Advantages and disadvantages

Electronic ultrasonic processor


Drive by electric power; Because wire dipped in the water, insulating layer easily be broken to cause safety risk

Permanent magnet (outer magnetic) processor

No power

Need to install more than 2 pairs of permanent magnet on the outer of tube, magnetic field strength will be impacted by magnetic force and tube diameter.

Permanent magnet (with magnetic) processor

No power

bar magnets generally completely dipped in the water, Magnetic line is vertical by flow direction. Astricted   by assembly, the distance of bar magnets can not be too close, so magnetic force is weak which caused ineffective treatments.

According to the characteristics of three processors, Under Under the guidance of "the frequency of cyclotron resonance and cohesion effect" principle of Austrian scientists Mr. Joham Grander and based on "liquid molecules to improve the technology group", Chengdu Amoeba Magnetic Co., Ltd developed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Descaling Processor which is made by high-energy rare-earth material.


The processor dose not drive by electric power, does not need any pharmacy-assisted chemical and do not change the water quality; the processor is not restricted by tube diameter, circulatory system do not impact by flow distance,the equipment does not affect the volume and flow pressure;  

Treatment quality is higher than other processor and maximal service period reach 10 years; can change the water quality and achieve water purification; application range is wide that can be used in 2500tons/hour's industrial water treatment system, 4 tons boiler system and household kettle; Assemble easily and any need a small area.


The processor use original high-poly devices cyclone magnetic shielding structure to make magnetic extruding magnetic disk which used to gather magnetic force, the magnetic field strength can achieve more than 12,000 Gauss. When the flow through the device, it will have a resonance energy with water molecules structure's energy system (NMR) which change the big water molecules group into small group. The small molecules' penetration is twice than normal molecules which can remove the old scale in any cold and hot water supply equipment.

Under energy field's role, Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate ions will collide each other to lose surface charge and forming special crystal aragonite that will removed with flow as normal powder.

With enhancing the ability of dissolved oxygen, the rust Fe2O3 deoxidize into stable Fe3O4 which will cover the surface of tube to prevent corrosion.


Metallurgical industry, petroleum and chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, power industry, refrigeration industry, cooling & heating system, Turbine industry, medicine industry, agriculture industry, animal husbandry,

aquaculture species, brewing industry, green food industry, restaurants, Food & Beverage industry, daily life etc.


A. This processor connect with outlet and inlet pipe of boiler and other container, cycle pump's back-end of circulatory system(in closed circulatory system, the processor can assemble in any place) and main pipe of network system or subsystem;

B. Pretreatment is water side;

C. Ensure that the equipment do not leak;

D. Avoid any sundries enter into the equipment when assemble;

E. Ensure equipment steadily;

F. The water temperature of system or ambient temperature can not be higher than 70?/span>; If it is higher than this temperature, which need special design;

G. Do not close collision

H. The front-end should assemble valve to maintain easily.


A. After 3~5 months operation, we recommend that clean the strainer; Operator should unload the pretreatment nut using spanner and when finished cleaning, operator assemble nut back.

B. If pumping groundwater directly into boiler or container, it must set up a sedimentation tank and ensure at least 15cm from outlet pipe to the bottom of sedimentation tank.

C. If the water quality is too bad, we recommend to clean the main body of the equipment at least one time. The operation methods are :

(A) If it is column style, operator should unload the nut and the both side of the pipe cap and use wooden stick to clean the NMR shock stick.

(B) If it is unit, operator should screw the both pipe cap out counter-clockwise, use wooden stick to push out the NMR shock stick to clean; When screwing the pipe cap out, operator should clamp the pipe(not the middle of the pipe) to prevent deformation.

D. If the water quality is middle or high grade, we recommend to clean the equipment once a year.

E. If there is high temperature steam, it must assemble check valve.

 This equipment is our patented product and patent number is 022757600.

With other processor sells in the market, our products have greater comparative advantages. For market development, we insisted low-price and consent to provide 1-year warranty.

 Sincerely hope our equipment bring you best service!

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9-2. The function of the magnetic water

The Magnetic water is always much admired as "magical water". 500 years ago, the famous medical scientist Li Shi Zhen has found that the magnetic water is good for the sore, and also good for health. he has the detailed info in the Compared with the natural water, the magnetic has the advantage as following

In industry, we use the magnetic field for the boiler water to decrease scale. now the magnetic water is widely used for the cooling system of all kinds of high temperature furnace, which is very important to promote the cooling efficiency and prolong the life of service for the furnace. the magnetic water also could promote the the concrete strength in construction business. the magnetic water also could used for boil off in textile process.

In agriculture, if presoaking with the magnetic water, the bud grows up soon, and the seeding is taller, the toot is longer. if irrigation with the magnetic water, it could make porous soil. In pratice, it could help increase the output at 10-45% for the vegetable of soya bean, sweet corn,radish and cucumber.., and increase the output at 11-18% for the rice, wheat and the rape. Some stock farm also use the magnetic water to feed the livestock to decreae the sickness.

In physic, the magnetic water could kill the bacillus and virus, and is good for the gall-stone, cystic calculus and kidney stone. The magnetic water is good for

In daily life, the magnetic water could make the garments more clean together with the washing powder, it is very intresting that the garments could also be clean if use the magnetic water without washing powder.

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9-3. The test process and conclusion

Before treated with Magnetic Instrument 4 months later after Treated with the magnetic instrumen

he magnetic water could promote the growth of the flower and plant due to its purification and sterilization.

Experiment report for active water generator?/span>Download?/span> (767KB)

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9-4. Test report

Conclusion tested by NIMTT?br> The test for decaling, anti-scaling, energy-saving and magnetic field is made by NIMTT( ), which is thel National Legal Metrology Verification Istitution.
The Conclusion is as following:

1. Conclusion for the descaling test 
?/span>Download?/strong> (248KB)
For new scale: by heat up for 2-3 times, the 80-90% scale could be clean out.
For old scale: at first, the qty of the scale is not more, after some time, big qty of the scale begin to flow out.

2. Conclusion for the anti-scaling test
  ?/span>Download?/strong> (185KB)
Before the water treated, the scale is 0.17g/kg at a time, after the water treated by the system, it is 0.04/g/kg at a time

3. Conclusion for the energy-saving test  ?/span>Download?/span> (229KB)
Before the water treated, the Energy consumption of the ground water is 0.29KWH/KG at a time than treated water. The Energy consumption for the treated water is 0.04KWH.KG at a time.

4. Conclusion for the test for magnetic field  ?/span>Download?/span> (519KB)
The higest gauss value on the surface is 11.8GS
it is 11052.7gs at the gap at the side of the copper part, the other side is 11895.20gs( the ordinary water treatment device is from 4000-8000gs)

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9-5. Instruction, price list and packing photo

*Packing for Water Treatment Equipment  ?/span>Download?/strong> (2.27MB)
*Price list for Water Treatment Equipment
*Instruction for the Water Treatment Equipment
?/span>Download?/span> (875KB)

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